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The idea of liposuction may seem very appealing when you notice any unwanted and unnecessary bulges or fat in some areas on your body. In the last few years, liposuction has evolved. It has become simpler and safer. Advancements in technology have allowed surgeons like (Dr. William Hall) to create the Tumescent Liposuction method. It has been specifically designed for a quick, precise and safe body liposuction procedure.

It is worth mentioning that the Tumescent Liposuction method is less invasive than other liposuction procedures. It can be easily performed as an outpatient surgery. This particular liposuction procedure can take about 2 hours or more. The duration will depend on how many areas are fatty and need fat removal.

Speedy Recovery

Recovery from liposuction is very easy and quick. After the liposuction surgery, you might experience some minor bruising and swelling. For a few days, you may have to wear a light compression garment. This will minimize the swelling, and provide you with more support. You will have to wear this compression garment for about 5-7 days.

Post-Surgery Healing

After the surgical procedure, you will notice the results immediately. The swelling will also subside within a few days. Most importantly, you will notice significant improvement throughout your healing phase. Once you walk out of the clinic, you will remain active throughout the recovery period.

Most patients can return to day to day activities in just a couple of days. However, this will depend on your job requirements. Active jobs may need more down time. This information will be provided by your surgeon.

Until the bruising has subsided, you should avoid the Sun. According to William Hall, M.D, you should undergo many skin smoothing sessions after the surgical procedure. This will ensure quick recovery.

Improves Appearance and Better Health

The Tumescent Liposuction method we use at the Arizona Lipo Clinic can be one of the best ways to improve your appearance, and refine your body. With liposuction, you will feel more confident. It will also boost your self-esteem. However, this method cannot be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle, eating habits or obesity.

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