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Dr. William Hall

Dr. William Hall

Dr. Hall founded Infini Cosmetic Associates to provide the safest, most contemporary, and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to the residents of the Southwest. Now Dr. Hall focuses solely on liposculpture, for which he continually engages in ongoing training and instruction to stay on the cutting edge with the latest technologies and procedures.

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William Hall MD

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Liposuction Scottsdale – Dr. Hall

Liposuction is a procedure that has really evolved over the past decade. Surgical techniques are becoming safer and more elegant. Research and technological advancements have allowed doctors like (Dr. William Hall) to create a tumescent liposuction method that is less invasive and more precise than ever before.

Today, tumescent liposuction is minimally invasive. Surgeons can do the procedure as an outpatient surgery that typically takes just a few hours. Patients in the Scottsdale, AZ area can opt to have one more area addressed through liposuction and then return home for a restful recovery.

Lipo Recovery

Patients can expect to recover quickly from their liposuction procedure. There will inevitably be some bruising and inflammation in the targeted areas and it’s important for patients to follow their doctor’s instructions to get the best results. This may include wearing a compression garment for up to one week to keep swelling to a minimum and provide extra support during the healing process.

During recovery, most patients are able to stay relatively active. Within just a few days post-op, patients can return to their daily routine. Strenuous activities will have to be postponed for a few weeks and patients are urged to stay out of the sun until the bruising fades.

Liposuction Results

Most patients can see the results from their liposuction surgery immediately, despite bruising and swelling. As the inflammation and discoloration go away over the days following the procedure, the results become even more pronounced. According to Dr. Hall, skin smoothing sessions following the surgery can help to promote healing and even better outcomes from the procedure.

Better Health, Better Appearance

Tumescent liposuction will refine your appearance and improve your overall health and body image. With healthy eating habits and smart lifestyle choices, patients can maintain their new look for many years.

Contact Dr. William Hall or his staff to learn more about SmartLipo™ or to set up a consultation in our Lipo Scottsdale, AZ office at 480-946-7100.