Traditional Liposuction versus Tumescent Liposculpture

Traditional Liposuction


Pain Control

Usually general anesthesia – gas,sometimes IV sedation. Local anesthetic (numbing)


Add facility and anesthesia costs Usually less


Much higher complication rate Lowest rate of complications documented in themedical literature. Greatest patient satisfaction documented in the

medical literature.


Significant blood lossTransfusions can be


Minimal blood loss. Patient usually loses more bloodduring a blood test than with these procedures


Significantly more. Requires immediate and prolongeduse of pain killers. Often minimal because much less trauma caused to thebody with the extremely small instruments

IV Fluid Needs

NOT a tumescent technique, misleading if stated so.Need IV Fluids to replace what is lost As seen on Dateline and 20/20 news shows. Thereplacing fluid has already been in the patient in the form of the

tumescent Solution. No extra IV fluids are needed


Usually double or triple that of tumescent Faster recuperation time, walk-in-walk-out surgerymay be done as an in-office procedure

Return to Work

Return to work in days to weeks Usually can return to work the next 1-4 daysdepending on the treatment size

Inventing Special Ties

Invented by: Italian OB-GYNECOLOGIST Invented by: Dermatologists

Suction Cannula Size

Larger instruments mean greater chance of skinirregularities Smaller “micro” cannula (instruments) leave minimalsurface changes and minimal or no scars

Operative Suite

Usually hospitals; Sometimes surgical center; Lessoffice based Usually in an office suite. Sometimes in a surgicalcenter.

There are many significant differences between liposuction and liposculpture; several are listed below:

Traditional Liposuction



General anesthesia or heavy ID sedations used No anesthesia used.  Local numbing only.  No IV sedation used

Blood loss

Significant tissue trauma and blood loss are possible No significant blood loss


Marked post procedure pain requires prolonged use of prescription pain medication Mild recovery discomfort treated with OTC pain medicine optional


Complications can include anesthesia reactions, organ puncture, infection, blood clots, severe hematomas, and contour irregularities Extremely low rate of complications are documented in medical literature

Why are the above comparisons so important? Most of the complications or deaths in the press recently have been attributed to either a severe reaction to anesthesia or extreme blood loss, neither of which is a risk for liposculpture patients. The procedure itself is not the cause of these complications, and tumescent liposculpture is far safer than traditional liposuction for these very reasons.

So how does Dr. Hall’s practice of liposculpture differ from many others in the Valley?

  • Dr. Hall uses no IV sedation or general anesthesia
  • Dr. Hall personally meets with every patient for an initial consultation of ½ hour-1 hour
  • Dr. Hall performs all liposculpture procedures at Infini Cosmetic
  • Infini Cosmetic has on staff certified RNs with emergency room or critical care training

Dr. Hall has never had a patient who experienced adverse complications from the liposculpture procedure.

Anyone who is considering an elective procedure should educate themselves on the different procedures available to them and the risks and costs involved. Before undergoing any procedure, Dr. Hall encourages you to get the facts and work with a professional that follows the guidelines of safe and effective cosmetic treatments.

To learn more about Dr. Hall and Infini Cosmetic, please visit our website at We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the safety and effectiveness of liposculpture, and have many, many happy patients who a will take the time to tell you of their great experience with the procedure.